Dr. Martin Warbington
     Dr. Megan Kinnear


19850 5th St. Bend, OR 97701
24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Service
Dr. Warbington making friends with un gran cerdo
Who couldn't love this face??
Pigger #54 waiting his turn to be seen.  The pigs were NOT pleased to be restrained and they let you know it!
Una cabra.


Here are some images from our trip to beautiful Ometepe Island in Lago Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua).  Dr. Warbington is volunteering his services as part of a veterinary brigade based out of Oregon State University.  He is treating all manner of animals brought in from the countryside for this week-long clinic, as well as teaching and supervising veterinary students as they gain field experience.  The makeshift clinic is set up once a year at the beautiful Hacienda Merida.
During the last day on the island, the Drs. & vet students present a public health seminar and Q & A for the locals, and distribute information and medicines to help keep them and their animals healthy after we're gone.
Dr. Warbington  helping a student with exam
Nino looking on as Dr. Warbington supervises students performing the surgery.
We wish we could bring some of them home...
This one-eyed pup & his boy seemed happy to be at the seminar.
Ninas all dressed up to visit the clinica
Dr. Warbington preparing a pig for castration.
This dog probably was treated at clinic last year.  Back for a checkup.
Pretty foal waiting for a wellness exam.
This cute, shaggy dog just hangs out.  The annual clinic is the social event of the year for the island dogs!
So many skinny animals; it's gratifying to see them being brought in (sometimes from miles away, on foot, through the jungle) for treatment.
This horse arrived in pretty good shape.